Meet JFA!

The Justice For All Coalition is a diverse group of members from the LIC, Astoria, Woodside and Sunnyside communities. Whether working or living in LIC, each of us comes to the table with our concerns and ambitions for our community – the same as you. Below you can learn more about some of our Steering Committee members, and understand what brought them to JFA and what role they play in making our Coalition operate.

Yvette Kemp, Co-Chair, Ravenswood Resident
I had a great childhood growing up in Astoria, but it has changed to the point where I don’t see the same opportunities  for today’s youth. I want to make a difference in uniting with JFAC to stand up and speak out against unaffordable living by rezoning and private developments; fighting for a better quality of life, not only for my son, but for the future of young people in our community.


Ashley Jamison, Steering Committee Member, Queensbridge Resident
Im a 28 years old resident of Queensbridge Housing why should I have to worry about if I can live in this same community 20 years from now. I see with my own eyes all the construction that’s taking place in LIC/Astoria and all sister neighborhood. I joined J4ALL because of its faith background . They have a plan and purpose and I want to be able to see that come forward and be apart because I would love to be in this same area that raised me and help me become the woman I am.

Jenny Dubnau, Steering Committee Member, Local Artist, LIC Artist Studio Renter, Corona Resident
“I grew up in NYC, and hate to see the growing displacement of my fellow New Yorkers. I am also a working artist, and it’s almost impossible for me to afford my workspace in LIC. This is also true for mom & pop stores and manufacturers. I am determined to unite with my friends and neighbors in JFA to fight back against the luxury developments facing our community!”

Nick Velkov, Steering Committee Member, Small Business Owner, Astoria Resident
Nick is an Astoria small business owner who is concerned about the displacement of local businesses in an overdeveloped neighborhood.  As a JFA coalition member, Nick wants to advocate for low- and middle-income tenant protections, and push for progressive legislation in city council, such as the Small Business and Jobs Survival Act.


Margaret Rodgers

Margaret Rodgers, Steering Committee Member, Astoria Resident

It was a lucky day when I saw the flyer for a meeting of the Justice for All Coalition over a year ago. I moved to Astoria in the early 80’s because I could no longer afford Manhattan; and after a few years of missing Manhattan I came to love this neighborhood.  The hyper-gentrification that I now see is horrifying.  For me the housing issue is truly a meeting of the personal and political – I am personally threatened by the gentrification; as an activist I see the housing crisis as a global one. J4AC is a wonderful group of people whom I am happy to have met and work with.

Image Credit: Mitch Waxman


Patricia Dorfman, Steering Committee Member, Sunnyside Resident
I worked to get an older fellow, essential in creating community spirit and helping succeed many mom & pops, back his job when he was let go because of the beginning of non-organic gentrification. All of ours and our children’s future well being, good will, prosperity, sky, and room to live – rely on local loyalty, doing unto others as we would have done unto us, demanding substantial participation in decisions which effect us, and organizations like JFAC, which reflect those goals.  In short, to save my own life, job, home and neighborhood, I’m in. 

Other members:

Co-Chair Sylvia White

Lead Organizer, Stan Morse

Kristen Hackett

Deaconess AnLaVonne Respass

Mary McClary

Alena Acker

Jonathan Bailey

Dannelly Rodriguez

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