COVID-19 Fund

The Justice for All Coalition (JFAC) is working to support and organize public housing residents living in Western Queens. Many tenants are “essential” and are being asked to put their lives on the line without being provided PPE. Those who stay home are relegated to dilapidated, unhealthy apartments because of longstanding neglect by NYCHA, and because of new forms of neglect like the lack of cleaning in common areas.
Many tenants are seniors and/or have underlying health conditions rooted in structural inequality that heighten their vlunerability to COVID-19, and/or are recently layed off and now struggling to put food on the table.
JFAC is assisting tenants in filing official complaints and taking legal action. We are supporting tenants in demanding rent be canceled – during COVID-19 and until health-promoting conditions are provided. We are providing direct financial support to tenants, for cleaning supplies, food and medicine, and other needs. We are securing PPE for tenants. And we are always seeking out new ways to support tenants. Please support us in supporting them.

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