JFAC Member Publishes OpEd on Why NextGen is No Good

On Tuesday 10/10/19, JFAC member and doctoral candidate and fellow at The Graduate Center, CUNY, Kristen Hackett published an opinion piece in City Limits on why NYCHA’s NextGen Threatens More Harm than Hope.

In short, she demonstrates historically that “Rather than preserving public housing, NextGen is the continuation of the opening up of investment opportunities for already-wealthy private actors and entities. History also tells us this usually comes at a high cost for residents and existing community members.”

She also points to other funding streams that could be used to improve NYCHA, ultimately arguing that “The bottom line here is that we don’t need private investment for fix NYCHA or create affordable housing. And NextGen isn’t the best we can do. We don’t even need to get extremely creative to find solutions. We need a political will that is guided by the needs of the people rather than the needs of profiteers.”

See full article here.

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