Take Back LIC Series Recap

This past weekend, we held our Take Back LIC Series Workshop – a series that aimed to bring together neighbors from across the Greater LIC Area to learn about and discuss the mounting development pressures facing our communities and the consequences for the quality of life for our community members and the livability of our neighborhoods. And to collectively identify and pursue ways of working together to fight for a more equitable and just future for our communities.

Our workshop focused on outlining some of the challenges we are a community are facing – from overdevelopment to privatization to crumbling or inadequate infrastructure and significant changes in the labor market which have lead to increasing unemployment among NYCHA residents. More information can be found in our Education Materials on this site. 

We also focused on some of the ways we as community members can collectively fight for a more affordable, livable and sustainable neighborhood for our communities. Specifically, we tried to highlight opportunities when residents may offer public testimony… 

Learn more about how you can participate in city-led processes: 


…And how they might go about that. Thanks to the All Stars Talent Show Network for getting us up and moving around and talking to each other with our minds, heart and bodies!

Our day was also interspersed with performance by youth working with the All Stars Talent Show Network. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the All Stars this Fall, when they’ll be working with youth in Long Island City & Astoria to put on a talent show in the neighborhood. Stay tuned for more info!









All-in-all, this event was a huge success. Thanks to all who came out and we’re looking forward to continue these connections and conversations into the Fall!

This series is a joint effort of local groups serving the Greater LIC Community. Organizers include Justice For All Coalition, LIC Coalition, Hunter’s Point Civic Association, and Court Square Civic Association.  

A SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the of the Livable Neighborhoods Program (LNP) of the Municipal Art Society (MAS) for their technical, administrative and financial support, and in particular Joanna Crispe, Director of Community Engagement and Education, and Liz Volchok, Planning and Preservation Intern, for making time each week to coordinate planning and provide feedback for these workshops.

And to the Variety Boys and Girls Club for hosting us!

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