JFA Member Nick Velkov Pushed the Mayor about the BQX on WNYC

This past Friday, JFA Steering Committee Member Nick Velkov pushed the Mayor about the BQX – the proposed trolley to travel along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront. Last week, the NY Daily Post printed an article claiming that the “De Blasio administration may ditch planned streetcar along Brooklyn-Queens waterfront“. 

More specifically, Nick asks whether the City is really backing off the BQX, and if so, could that money be reallocated to address some of NYCHA’s funding needs (currently NYCHA is in a $65M deficit, and in needs of $17B in repairs). 

In short, the Mayor says he is NOT backing off the BQX, and he attacks the media and specifically the NY Daily News for misrepresenting the facts. He and his Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen “believe is going to be very, very valuable for what’s maybe one of the single biggest growth areas and population centers of the entire city of New York – the East River waterfront. You know, this is increasingly the core of New York City.” 

Hear what the Mayor had to say – Nick comes on at 16:10

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