Given the numerous reports, press conferences, site visits and promises made by electeds at all levels of government, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of NYCHA buildings and apartments are dilapidated. The unsafe and unhealthy living conditions this deteriorating housing provides to our community members is unacceptable. No elected official or public administrator would tolerate such conditions for themselves or their loved ones. This is why JFAC is supporting tenants in taking action against NYCHA and organizing towards better conditions for all NYCHA tenants.

The first step tenants are taking is to submit formal letters of complaint. JFAC supported 42 NYCHA tenants in submitting formal letters of complaint to their local NYCHA management offices between January 15th and April 28th.

Here is a brief overview, but you can learn more about tenants and read their letters below.

  • 21 or 50% of these tenants live in Queensbridge North.
  • 10 or 24% live in Queensbridge South
  • 11 or 26% live in Ravenswood

In their letters tenants reported issues in specific rooms in their apartments (i.e. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room), throughout their entire homes and in the hallways, and in public areas. Tenants typically had issues with at lease 2 rooms; almost 40% had issues with 3 or 4 rooms in their homes.

Issues ranged from peeling paint, cracked walls, and leaky faucets, to no heat, defective radiators, issues with electricity or wiring. Broken front doors and buzzers causing security issues were common; as were infestations. About one quarter of the group had management issues such as inadequate or no super service, overcharging rent and harassment from management.

After mid-March, 95% of tenants also raised concerns about the lack of cleaning in their buildings, stairwells, and elevators, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

Below you can read some of their formal complaints. Letters are being added slowly, as we get consent from tenants to make their letters public.

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